Changzhou Fumei Jiayuan Technology Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Fumei Jiayuan Technology Co., Ltd. 

Founded in 2008, Changzhou Hongguang Intelligent Garage Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Menghe Town, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, which is known as China's historical and cultural city. It is a professional car garage manufacturer. Linhu Ning Expressway, Changzhou Airport, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, good geographical environment and innovative economic model. Since its establishment, Hongguang Enterprise has always adhered to the principle of “creating fashion life with technology” and established “intelligent innovation and quality priority”. The development concept of “paying equal attention to services” establishes the working philosophy of 

“sincerely joining hands and sharing the glory” and the cooperation concept of “inclusive and open, cooperation and win-win”. Continuously improve the professional technology research and development team, give full play to the creativity of all the staff of the company, and provide good products and satisfactory services to domestic and foreign consumers, and bring the beautiful environment to the world to make due contributions to the times.


Fumei enterprises always adhere to the "use technology to create fashion life" for the purpose, set up the"smart paying equal attention to innovation, quality first, service f the modern values, establish "sincerely hand in hand, create a better future"the work idea and the cooperation concept of"inclusive open, cooperation and win-win. Wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign customers to provide quality products and satisfactory service, to bring the world beautiful era due contribution to the environment.


The pursuit of excellence nessuah brokerage, perfection; The From sales to service, we not only sell products, for the purpose of "the real concern each user s true feeling, do word of expressions using the to extreme, thus to promote the brand influence and reputation.



Solar power,It adopts green environmental protection, energy consumption, zero pollution, no need to connect to the power supply, simple and convenient, and has the function of storing electricity. The light can be used for up to 8 hours and can be used for up to 15 days.

If the lighting is insufficient or no light conditions, the design is equipped with the direct use of 220V power charging function equipped with a dedicated charger, full of electricity can be used for about 15 days.



The overall design trackless slip, from the birth of the cicada cIcada shape for design Inspiration



The combination of mobile app and remote control

Remote control operation, simple and easy to understand, the hands can operate, control range of 15-20 meters. in the use of the process, if necessary immediately close or stop, please press the red stop button on the top of the remote control, can close or stop running, in the process of closing the same use.

Cell phone APP controller use method: open cell phone Bluetooth and open APP download"Hongguang intelligent"use remote control red button connected by 3-5 click unconnected button, automatic connection, mobile interface receiving signal connection success, operation can be used 15-20 meters, operation process and remote controller same.



Using remote positioning system for 24 hours to protect your car all the way, like a vault of security.Convenient.Automatic telescopic garages, bringing security anti-theft system, safe and reliable to use the rest assured.



Once you have, car parking carefree! Find a warm home for your car!

Penny to do great things, a purchase, lifelong benefit.


The company's “Zhongchehui” brand smart garage built with the heart of craftsmen, with innovative technology, new technology, intelligent mode, to redefine the intelligent garage. Future of company continuously surpass ourselves, focus on the high-end intelligent field, well-being for the people, to make due contributions to beautify the environment.


Hongguang enterprises will actively devoted to accelerate the development of new energy intelligence industry, take the market as the guidance, take the customer as the center, based on the globalization service, to the enterprise of science and technology industry as the two wings, and actively explore new areas, make scientific decisions, specialization, modernization of management,investment benefit maximization of the modern enterprise group.


With the progress of the society the automobile consumption level is higher and higher, car subsidy guard has become more important. The desire of the company for the vast number of car owners and the market demand, the development of the intelligent garage products, completely solved all store owners of difficult problems.



Changzhou Fumei Jiayuan technology co, LTD, China and even all around the world in the future, sincerely signing agents at all levels and the joining trader, with"sincere hand in hand, open inclusive, cooperation and win-win service concept, wholeheartedly provide customers with quality products, sincerely treat every customer, through establish strategic partnership with agents and franchisees, deep strategic cooperation, continuously strengthen the market operation.

Recruit agents, franchisees in the country

[Exclusive rights] The right to operate or open a number of operating stores within the licensed area
[Corporate management rights] The right to develop agents, customize cooperation methods in the licensed area and negotiate with the headquarters to collect cooperation fees.
[Regional Management Rights] The right to jointly develop secondary agents and exercise management rights with the company headquarters in the licensed area.
[The total inventory of all branches, direct stores, and subordinate agents in the performance coordination agency area is included in the cumulative purchase of the general agent.
[Supply discount right] The general agent is entitled to enjoy the special preferential supply price of the headquarters and obtain the supply difference income.